Avatar Energy Solutions is actually geared for executives who don’t have much time as required to help their organizations procure energy prices. Avatar will do the work and actually save you a lot of time in this process. With Avatar, instead of the time consuming task of seeking out bids from energy suppliers, you let Avatar do the bidding process for you.  Avatar Energy Solutions has relationships with over 50 Third Party Energy suppliers and has the expertise to seek out and negotiate the lowest price for  your electric and natural gas supply costs. As a decision maker in the energy procurement process, you are responsible for securing the best overall value for your energy dollar. In short you need the best combination of rate and reliability. With Avatar Energy Solutions, you get the access to as many as 50 leading electricity providers. So you can rest assured that the great rate you lock-in will be accompanied by a proven record of consistency and service. We can supply you with a custom price for your organization that we will be put in a clear and concise report for your review. All we need to get started to help your organization is a copy of one month’s electric and natural gas bill.


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